My Poetry

Poetry written by me

                       God's Earth

I can see God's hand in nature everywhere I look    

I see beauty, smell fragrances, and wade the brook

I watch animals in the wild, they gather their food They instinctively take care of their nursing brood They have their young in a hidden, natural den  Protection from  the cold, the rain and the wind How is it that they know to do all these things 

How is it the bird knows he must flap his wings? 

It's no secret to me I know the answer very well 

 Just watch nature, it has a wonderful story to tell   



             The Artist

 Flowers in bloom with petals so soft
A bluebird on the wing, flying aloft
Scents in the air pleasing to the nose
The beautiful daisy, aster and rose
Spring time colors, a beautiful hue
Reds, oranges, yellows and blues
A songbird sings a delightful tune
Night time brings a gorgeous moon
A wonderful artist is our God above
So much beauty, patience and love




Lovely branches reaching out
As new leaves begin to sprout
Butterflies all in a flutter
Hummingbirds with a tiny utter
Fragrance in the air that lingers
Creation from God's own fingers


Spring time blossoms on a tree
Beautiful flowers for us to see
Gorgeous birds flying around
Producing a sweet, cheerful sound
Many things for  our pleasure
Creation from God such a treasure

Little babies for us to hold
Animals majestic and bold
Tender grass beneath our feet
Tasty fruits for us to eat
Creation from our God above
Created by him out of love