My Poetry

Poetry written by me

Below are some poems my friend Fred & I wrote together.

In My Time of Need
Sometimes I just want to run away and hide for a while,
But I never do, because that just isn't my style.
Commitment and love guides me to do my duty,
Only there are times in my life when I don't see the beauty.

Sometimes I lose sight of the good and I just see a mess.
My sensibility is altered, because there's so much stress.
At times like this, I am at the end of my proverbial rope,
I look all around me, then into the heavens, seeking hope.  

My heart is heavy, my mood is restless, then I look up toward the sky.
Feeling emotional and feeling hopeless, I taste the tears that I cry.
I fall on my knees and lift my prayers to my God on high,
He hears me, I know, I sense His presence is now nigh.

He gently reminds me of the good things that I have in my life.
Soon, I start to feel better and there's an easing of my strife.
A gentle peace begins to saturate my soul as He meets my need,
No longer see the mountain of trouble the same, I believe I will succeed

As so many times before when I'm at my lowest and feeling down,
I turn to God, because I know His peace and His love abound.
My belief in a power greater than myself leads me beside the still waters,
His gentle hand is there no matter the problems with my son or daughters.

           Things a Fading Old Lady Likes To Hear

I'm a fading old lady, and there are some things I like to hear.
Like when I tell you that with time you've got nothing to fear.
As time passes, a revelation is exposed in your beautiful eyes.
Every kind, sweet, comment from you, is a delightful surprise.
You see beauty in me, I see that my youth and looks are gone.
Your beauty enchants me, but to your soul I'm deeply drawn.

You are aging, being created by time into a divine work of art.
You see me not through your eyes, but from your loving heart.
An aging old lady needs a kind, wonderful friend just like you.
I see your gentle eyes are touched by softness, kissed by dew.
Your soul uses time to allow the inner light to shine out bright.
Your gentle, kind remarks, help to ease my growing old fright. 

             When Life Gets You Down

Life is stressful and can sometimes pull me down.
Where ever I look, the rainbow has turned brown.
My nerves are tangled, my brains are deep fried.
I can taste the salt, from the tears that I've cried.
When will this gloom and this darkness go away?
I have lost my peace, my heart is filled with dismay.

Deep in my despair, searching for a way to ascend.
I start to think about you, my true, and loyal friend.
I'm starting to feel better, I'm even wearing a smile.
Now once again, living my life seems worthwhile.
Friendship is for the bad times as well as the good.
Within the realm of our friendship, that's understood.

                   A Friendship's Birth                            

Who would have thought it would last this long, or that it would still be going this strong.
We have grown closer together, you and I, as we know in this friendship we always belong.
I can relax, knowing that you got my back, picking me up when I fall down in the mud;
My friendship with you isn't based on the obvious, which is that you are a handsome stud.
It's based on the kindness, the goodness, and the warmth that we both give and receive.
We edify one another through honest and open words, you make me want to really believe.
I agree with you, seeing your beauty under the mimosa tree, that this is something more;
You have crept into my heart, and you are someone that I have come to strongly adore.
You're always here for me, even when I don't say that I'm needing you this particular day.
Whether happy or blue, joyous or sedate; you set before me a beautiful floral bouquet.
My life has been blessed by your presence, I'm enriched by your consistent love and care;
You can't find a wonderful, complete, loving, lasting, friendship like ours, just anywhere.
I'm really glad that we stumbled upon each other in the, "by chance" way that we did;
Responding to your poetry, as at first the true meaning from each of us had been hid.
The Creative Pen's poetry board brought us together, destiny forged our friendship tight;
Our poetry disclosed our emotions, feelings, hearts, and spawned a friendship so right.