My Poetry

Poetry written by me

Tears Behind the Pain


No one sees the tears they hide

They keep their pain deep inside

Enduring quietly with a smile

Every put down and every trial

Treated badly with great distain

They conceal their dreadful pain

Walking around with a lovely smile

They're crying inside all the while

Hidden bruises and scars beneath

Sad and lonely, beyond belief

But you won't know, they won't tell

They just say, "I slipped and fell".

They want loving arms that hold

They get words, mean and cold

The smile that greets you today

Is hiding tears from yesterday


The Lady In White On A Winter Night


Surrounded by a winter land of snow
There she sits, beautiful in it's glow
Trees are decorated with a soft white
The woman completes this lovely sight

Her hair spiraling delicately in place
Curling around her soft, angelic face
Draped in white as a virgin would be
It's a breath taking image that I see



                  Love by Delusion

You were always so sweet and so kind to me
I thought I saw something that I didn't see
You showered me with such special attention
But the words I heard, you never did mention
On your part, there was no love by exclusion
But on my part, there was a love by delusion

I thought there was a sweet love everlasting
Instead, there was a love of lonely fasting
You so kindly opened doors and I stepped in
You were just being nice, just being a friend
My dear it comes down to this sad conclusion
For years, I lived in a sweet love by delusion