My Poetry

Poetry written by me

                  Natural Beauty

A cool spring breeze, gently sways the trees.

Flowers and seeds add color among the weeds.

Wildflowers soft and light, such a lovely sight.

Newly hatched guests, babies hidden in a nest.


Faces timidly appear and frolic about with cheer.

Youth and vitality abound, life is on the ground.


This is a poem I wrote & my friend Brenda scraped.                            



                          The Storm

I see a storm approaching in a darkened sky

Leaves are being blown, I watch them go by

The wind is starting to gust; I'm going inside

I look out the window and see the trees bend

I see the damage done by a super strong wind

Nature is always awesome, and powerful, too

Yesterday it was sunny, and the sky was blue





A gentle wind softly blows, whispering as it goes.
It's a peaceful, lovely day. A bunny comes out to play.
Atop a post with notches, a squirrel sits and watches. 
The squirrel chatters loudly, two birds sing out proudly.
Lovely, beautiful weather, for the two birds of a feather.
The wonderful, gorgeous, scene, is beautiful and serene.


                            Sunny Delight


I woke up a bit gloomy, and just a little down.
I'm out of sorts, and I'm wearing a slight frown.
I look out my window, the sun is smiling bright.
It's suspended in a clear sky, no cloud in sight.
A sky with different shades of gorgeous blue.
I watch as a bird quietly, comes into my view.
He perches on a branch and prunes a feather.
It seems he's enjoying the beautiful weather.
I gratefully listen, as he so cheerfully sings.
Enjoying a light breeze, as his melody rings.
I watch him, as he suddenly takes to flight.
Nature to me, is such a wonderous, delight.
The shining sun warms me, inside and out.
I think I'll just take a walk, and roam about.
Filling my senses with nature's precious gifts.
As my once, slightly sad feeling, quickly lifts.

The Wind

The wind takes a kite way up high
It helps when the birds want to fly

A slight breeze on a warm day
Entices the kids outside to play

My eyes can see a gentle breeze
Just by looking at swaying trees

Fresh air comes on a puff of wind
Gentle and kind, it's a good friend

Carrying the seeds to be planted
Life growing where they landed

This poem was written for a friend

Someone who is a fan of the wind