My Poetry

Poetry written by me

                              My Pain

This page pertains to the loss of my son Keith & the pain of living without him.


           Nothing I Can Do

I'm just sitting here thinking of you.
Knowing, there's nothing I can do.
I can never ever, bring you back,
or in any way fill the painful lack.

You've missed so much my dear son.
The songs, the laughter, and the fun.
How I wish I could see your smile,
and hold you close, all the while.

I can see a smudge on your face.
I'll dab it gently, and it will erase.
Sit on my lap, so that we can talk,
Or take my hand and we will walk.

Take delight in the new toy you got.
Have fun playing with it, play a lot.
Please, just smile at me once again.
You're my sweet, gentle, little man.

Play with the dog, throw the ball.
Jump on the bed, draw on a wall.
Break a lamp, or drop your plate.
Refuse to sleep, and stay up late.

All these things won't bring me strife.
I just want you here, back in my life.
I'm just sitting here thinking of you.
Knowing, there's nothing I can do.  


                      He's Gone

Some days are really bad, and I'm very sad
A sick feeling that stays, it won't go away
My dear, darling child, so sweet and mild
No longer does he play, he has gone away
My agony started, when my son departed
It's so hard to get by, some days I just cry
I see him in my mind, somehow he seems fine
I see him laugh and run, having so much fun
And I'm laughing, too. I'm not sad and blue
What a beautiful smile, on a beautiful child
But he's not here, he's gone. So very gone  


It's February, I'm in mourning
It's upon me without warning
I'm feeling sick, I feel weak
I just cry, I can hardly speak
I can't eat, it's hard to sleep
It's so painful and it's deep
So much hurt and it's severe
I can't think, nothing's clear
February, when I lost my boy
My dear son, my life, my joy


                I Miss You 

How do I make this pain go away?
I hurt tremendously, every day

I have things I love, I have things to do

Yet, I'm still in agony over you
If I could just hold you one more time,
I think things would be better in my mind
How I miss you, how I grieve.
This pain inside me just won't leave
Such a sweet child, such a dear
How I wish you could be here
My pain is harsh and it's deep
All I can do, is miss you and weep
I do cry for you Keith
I'm in agony and in grief
I'm so sad and so blue,
because Keith, I miss you