My Poetry

Poetry written by me

This is my friend Fred & a poem he wrote for me

Happy Birthday to June (3Nov10)

Born on this day was a special girl;
Beautiful eyes, sparkling like a pearl.
Fill the skies with many a balloon;
Singing Happy Birthday to June.

She blesses us with her friendship;
Her beauty makes our hearts skip.
From her soul she helps us attune;
We sing Happy Birthday to June.

Mom, animal protector, grandmother;
We all feel like her sister or brother.
Creating within a song, a happy tune;
Vocalizing Happy Birthday to June.

Her poetry touches softly our heart;
Understanding the beauty of this art.
As lovely as this season’s harvest moon;
We sing Happy birthday to June.




   This is my friend Stacey & a poem she wrote for me 


No matter how far, no matter how near

The friendship we have is what I hold dear

you make me laugh, you make me smile

You make me feel like I could run a mile

To visit you would be a dream come true

You're a great friend June, I love you




      This is my response to Stacey's lovely poem


                Though the distance keeps us physically apart

                There is no distance of any kind, in our hearts

                 It was from the beginning, and from the start

                 Our special friendship has been like lovely art 


            Bonded By Loss

We have bonded from the time we first met

Bonded, by being as low as a person can get

We have both had a tremendous, painful loss

It is a heart breaking, and unbearable cost

You lost your daughter, and I lost my son

The pain we are carrying, is the same one

I have you to talk to and I have you to share

Knowing you understand, knowing you care

             This is my friend Louise



                     True Friends

True friends, the ones that really care;
Are hard to find, actually they are rare.
A good friend, one who is always there,
Not a fake one, of which to be aware.

Someone that is understanding and true.
Someone who's there, when you're blue.
Someone that knows, what to say or do.
Someone who's wonderful, just like you.

                                 My Friend Fred        



          A Hole in My Heart

My heart is singed and it's charred.
Each, and every day, is so very hard.
I kept my pain, way down deep inside.
In no one, did I ever really confide.
I have a new friend, in whom I trust.
I faced my pain and blew off the dust.
I shared with him my deepest thoughts.
I never even thought, about the cost.
So glad it was the right thing to do.
He's been helping me to get through.
He too, has a big hole in his heart.
We've both been sadly, ripped apart.
Because we both, have lost our child.
Just surviving each day we're allowed.
With emptiness that is harsh and real.
Now, I have someone who helps me deal.

                           My Friend Mark


               A Friend in You

So kind, so gentle and so sweet.
As nice a person as you'll meet.
A day without him is incomplete.
Adaptable, to my moods so deep.
Loving thoughts, and cheerful gifts.
Brings me back when my mind drifts.
My saddened moods, he always lifts.
I start to smile, and my mood shifts.



  This is another  poem I wrote about my friend Fred. Here he is enjoying the salty air.