My Poetry

Poetry written by me

                                    It Will Be Okay

I know you aren't feeling well, I know life is unkind.
Pick yourself up my daughter, things will be just fine.
You have a strong character, you have a strong will.
Whatever happens my dear, I'll be your mother still.
I'll give you hugs you need, I'll be here by your side.
Right next to you sweetheart, on your bumpy ride.
Smile that beautiful smile, that lights up my day.
I know things look bad, but they're gonna be okay.



    My daughter Amy. A young, struggling, single mom. She works hard to support herself & her little family.




                 A Devastating Night

It was a devastating night, filled with fright.
It was cold and bitter, they stood and shivered.
The flames blazed high, into the night sky.
Where is Kevin? There's six, where's seven?
Go back inside, it will require; there's a fire.
Wake up Kevin, get out!, was the shout.
No shoes, no shirt, but you're not hurt.
Your belongings are gone, you have no home.
It's cold and raw, you've lost it all.
In shock and sad, you feel so bad.
Recovery is slow, where do you go?
You were on your feet, life was sweet.
Now, you're broke. It all went up in smoke.


Just look at how happy these children are to have their uncle Kevin, we all are.



My sister Sandy, a pretty special girl.
Started small, but came up in the world.
Living life, as she had always dreamed.
A picture of her, in front of a stream.
Her collie dog Lad, right by her side.
Some day, I'm going to take the ride.
Up to the mountains, right to her home.
Through the woods, she and I will roam.
She well deserves, all that she's got.
She works hard, and she works a lot.
I'm so proud of you sis, you did good.
Remember this please, if you would.
You're a good sister, and friend, too.
Also remember, that I dearly love you.



                            Cathy...I Know

You're my sister and you're special to me
I see things in you, that others don't see
There are deep, hidden things, in you
Things that don't always shine through
I see the glow, that special light
It opens my eyes, and gives me sight
Sight into your soul, mysterious and deep
A soul quiet, sad, and sweet
You're kind, capable, and willing to please
You make it look easy, like it's a breeze
But, I know you girl, I know you well
Oh the stories, your soul could tell
As you go through life, carrying your pain
Your friend and sister, I shall remain
If I could carry, some part for you
I'd take it now, that's what I'd do
You wear your smile, you wear it well
Most people, can't even tell
The things I know, are for me to know
Just remember, I love you so




I see the tears in her eyes.
I'm in agony as she cries.       
Life can be so very unkind.
It can also be undefined.
Not knowing what to do.
My baby's sad and blue.
I hug and hold her tight.
I whisper it will be alright.
My darling, precious child.
You have made me proud.