My Poetry

Poetry written by me

                              My Main Man


He was a handsome man with light, wavy hair
He would make all the women, stop and stare
The kind of man that drives most women wild
I have loved him since I was a very young child

I remember the day he came into our bedroom
He threw us each a ball, how my heart did zoom
We lived in a harder time, a time of little means
So that day is much bigger than it really seems

Just to see him standing there with that big smile
Made me grateful and happy, that I was his child
That handsome man was a huge part of my life 
My hero is now gone and it cuts me like a knife

I love you dearly Daddy and I miss you so much
I want you to know how my heart you still touch
I wish I could say to you, I still hold you so dear
You're gone and it's lonesome without you here


          My Granddaughter

My grandchild, what can I say?
A precious new gift, everyday
Always an enjoyable pleasure
A lovely gift that I treasure
Hugs, kisses and smiles, too
Without her, what would I do?
An empty, lonely, silent house
I no longer have a spouse
Then my door opens wide
My grandchild steps inside
Arms stretched out for a hug
An embrace warm and snug
She smiles and I just shine 
Good for me, it's granny time 












               Love Them

Love your children, hold them dear
Hold them close, while they're here
Hug them tightly, hug them a lot
Fully appreciate, what you've got
Listen to them, hear what they say
Show them you care, every day
Be their buddy, be their friend
Say, "I love you", then say it again
Tell them daily just how you feel
Your love for them, always reveal
Speak it boldly, say it out loud
I love you dearly, my sweet child

                        Amy                 <My Children>                   Kevin


                                              My grandchildren


           My Grandson

 Aww, what a cutie you are
I know you're gonna go far
Gettin' time for your nap
Let me hold you on my lap
I'll sing you a pretty song
You know it won't be long
Soon your eyes will close
I'll kiss you on your nose
Nighty night, little boy
You bring me so much joy




I love all my sisters so very dearly                                 

They love me, I can see that clearly

We love each other, we really do care

We have a strong bond that we share

We send warm hugs, over the phone

We have each other, we aren't alone

Cathy, you're as sweet as you can be

Sandy, you're great, it's plain to see

Gail, you are certainly, one of a kind

Freda, you are a dear friend of mine

I love you all, and my love is true

I love it, that you all love me, too





<My sisters



Lying in a hospital bed,
she's having to be fed            
It just breaks my heart,
and tears me apart
Once she was young
Her songs have been sung
I watch her sleep
My feelings are deep
I take her hand
I remember again,
the years gone by,
and I cry





                     Just You and Me


I remember when we were kids, a very special day
It was just you and me, all the others were away
It's a really great memory, the best one I recall
I have other memories, it's the best of them all
We had a pretend farm, with fences that we made
We were having great fun, as we contently played
The others came home and told us their good news
When we heard, it didn't even give us the blues
They rode some ponies that day, which was a treat
But you and I weren't sad, our day was also sweet
Spending our day together, and our privacy, too
That special day we played, just me and you


          A Day At The Park 

A day at the park and we had fun
I watched her play, laugh and run
We fed the ducks and we ate, too
She ran again when we got through
It was a lovely, warm, sunny day
I enjoyed just watching her play
On the swing and down the slide
Playing with kids, side by side
Seeing that big, beautiful grin,
makes me want to go back again