My Poetry

Poetry written by me


 He stood sixteen hands high, and he would fly
I rode upon his back, as we went off the track
Down the trails we'd go, moving none, too slow
With the wind in my face, away we would race
Freedom from my stress, he was the very best
Carrying me with ease, Oscar aimed to please
My palomino stud, running through the mud  
Beautiful in stance, he ran at every chance
All muscle and tone, never a grunt or moan
I think of him still, I probably always will
Oscar you're the best, better than the rest




I've had Shadow since he was a kitten
The first time I saw him, I was smitten
Black as night with a little white tie
A lovely boy with a sparkle in his eye
For eight years now he's been my bud
I got myself a real winner, he's no dud
Lounging 'round the house, he's the king
Master of his domain, that's what I mean
I hope he's here for a long, long, time
Shadow my pal, I'm so glad you're mine


                 The Stray 

 Hi there homeowner, my name is Shandy
I'm a better gift, than a box of candy
Keep me in the house, or put me outside
I'll be good, and your rules I'll abide
If things go wrong as they sometimes do,
I'll hang my head, and be sad with you
When you're happy and things are right,
I'll jump up and down and show delight
I'll wag my tail and I'll do a dance
If you will only, give me a chance
Do I have a home? Oh, please say yes
I'll try real hard, not to make a mess
I'll give you love, with all my heart
Through to the end, and from the start



I love all animals, wild and tame

How some are treated is a shame

Most though, have it really good

Enjoying life the way they should

Nice, warm homes that they enjoy

Good meals, treats and lots of toys

Petting, love, hugs and attention

So many things I could mention

Payback, is a loving, loyal, pet

They all give back what they get

More than one, is just more joy

Lot's of love for us, ooh boy


   You're Gonna Be Mine

 What a cute fellow you are
You could be a star
If you come home with me,
we can watch tv
We'll eat a snack or two
then when we're through,
We'll go for a walk
As we go, we'll talk
We'll have fun all day,
watching children play
How nice it will be,
you sitting next to me
You're a dashing fellow, too
I'll keep chasing after you
I'll catch you someday
You're a frightened little stray
I know you need a home
You shouldn't be alone
Jump into my car
My house isn't far
It's warm and cozy inside
Let's go for a ride
Atta boy, now you're mine
Things will be just fine


  There are so many strays in the world. Many have been tossed out into the elements without food, water or love.