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Hi, my name is June. I am 58 years old. I am a mother & a grandmother. I love animals & nature, & I enjoy writing poetry. To the left you will see other pages listed with other poems. Each page has several poems on it. I hope you enjoy your visit to my site.


I have written a poetry book & it has been published. The title of the book is, "June's Rhymes". Here is a link to the book. Copy & paste link into into your browser. f9

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The Changes of My Life

As a youngster I wanted to leave home
To become an adult and be on my own
The pleasures I'd have would be great
So anxious to leave, I could hardly wait
Time soon passed and I turned nineteen
My new life began my long time dream

A husband I loved and a home of my own
The rules of my parents were finally gone
I sang with the birds, I touched the wind

Happy, living with my husband, my friend
Young, I didn't notice the ticking of clocks
I talked to the animals and petted the fox 


I later had a baby, a sweet handsome boy
My son has brought me such incredible joy
I'd hold him and listen to his heart tap, tap
His favorite place to be, was up on my lap



Years have gone by, they went too fast
I never thought that they wouldn't last
I've gotten older, but I'm still having fun
Now-a-days, I'm enjoying my grandson



      The Changes of Time

I started out screaming and bare
All exposed with nothing to wear
Crying and kicking to get my way
I was fed and changed, everyday

I grew and became a little girl
all fresh and new in the world
Playing games and having fun
I would laugh and I would run

In a few years I became a teen
I was young and lively and lean
I saw life through different eyes
I started noticing, the cute guys

I've cried tears of joy, and pain
But this fact will always remain
Life is such a wonderful treasure
I've had good, in large measure

Some years ago I was a little baby
Today I've become a little old lady
That's okay and I really don't mind
I've had myself a pretty good time